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@wixbyjulia, a unique homemade candle business!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Founded by Julia Tempestini, a Temple undergraduate student graduating in 2022. She is a Speech, Language, and Hearing Science Major with a passion for helping children with special needs. During middle school and high school, she had the opportunity to work alongside children with special needs and has been passionate about working with them ever since.

What is @wixbyjulia?

Julia Tempestini’s newly founded business @wixbyjulia operates on Instagram, taking orders by request for all scented candle enthusiasts. She creates homemade candles using soy wax and essential oils, coming in a myriad of scents. Among the collection of candles she’s created, there is Lavender, Vanilla, Tropical Pineapple, Clean Linen, Baked Apple, and Ocean Wave. While she has her favorites, she knows business is all about listening to her customers. When speaking about how she gets inspiration on what scents to produce, she says,

Actually, on my Instagram, I post [stories] asking people and then if someone orders a candle, I would ask them if they wanted any of those scents. Or I would buy more because I like when someone requests a new one for me to start making and see how it smells.”

How are @wixbyjulia candles made?

Julia follows the same method of infusing scents that many other candle makers do, but her inspiration for @wixbyjulia is also the reason she stands out. In her hometown, she and her father loved to collect IPA beer cans. These IPA beer cans came in all sorts of creative and interesting designs, made by graphic designers and local designers. She has 60 designs and counting! Julia crafts her candles in these cans, resulting in one-of-a-kind candles with pleasant scents.

Julia Tempestini’s vision for the future…

Founded in mid-Fall of 2020, @wixbyjulia is only beginning. As it was near Christmas time when Julia began operating, she recounts a quiet startup that really ramped up when people were out looking for gifts. Going forward, Julia wants to create more candles for others, and is hopeful for new customers as her old customers refer her business to others. All in all, she is having fun and wants to continue with the business as long as she can. To others thinking of launching a startup or small business, she advises,

Make sure it's something that you like to do, and even if in the beginning it's not picking up, keep going because it's not going to happen overnight!”

To check out Julia and her business, search “wixbyjulia” on Instagram!

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