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Weekly Recap: February 17, 2021

On February 17th, the ESA members met the Green Businesses of Philadelphia Panel and were able to have the opportunity to hear their stories about their backgrounds, ideas on sustainability, and their businesses. We met Emily Rodia of Good Buy Supply, Tim Bennet of Bennet Compost, and Brittany Reed of Teroso Leather.

Emily started our session off by telling us about her company. Good Buy Supply is a one a one stop shop to get sustainable tooth paste, toothbrushes, soap, and other items to help eliminate waste. Incorporating sustainability has always been her #1 priority. She focuses on what materials her vendors are using, what happens to them at the end of their life, and strives to teach her customers how they can be more environmentally conscious. Emily researches the backgrounds of where her resources are sourced, and where they are coming from. She focuses on the products life form beginning to end, ensuring it can be as sustainable as possible.

Tim spoke next and he started his business 11 years ago. He collects food scraps and food waste around Philadelphia, hoping to keep waste out of landfills and inspire others to compost. Besides being environmentally friendly by composting, he also focuses on keeping his employees content and balancing sustainability as well as offering benefits and the correct wage. He also is always thinking about what he can do next to improve sustainability. His company went from picking up waste in trucks, to bicycles. They began with no benefits, and were able to give their employees benefits with time. His focuses stays mainly on the balance between employee satisfaction and sustainability.

Brittany keeps her products sustainable by finding decomposable leather, ensuring that at the end of its life it will remain sustainable. She creates multiple functionality with all of her products in hopes that the consumer will be able to use her bag for multiple reasons, thus keeping it longer. With her scrap materials, she focuses on making accessories so no materials go to waste. She keeps numbers at a minimal, and only takes orders rather than producing in bulk and hoping to sell some products.

Each panelist prioritizes sustainability and how they can be the most environmentally friendly while continuing to try and improve their goods and services. We spoke more in depth to each speaker and asked them more questions regarding their companies.

To watch this talk and learn more about the speakers, check out our weekly video!

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