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Trippie Trinkets: Custom Made Jewelry Features Exquisitely Beautiful Crystals

Emma Szymanski is a Neuroscience Undergraduate at Temple. Her business, Trippie Trinkets, sells custom and handmade crystal jewelry. One of her favorite pieces are her wire wrapped crystal necklaces, because each design is different, and she has a lot of room to be creative. She currently boasts over 50 sales on her Etsy, which only reflects online sales in that platform!

How Trippie Trinkets Began, and Where it Will Go

Emma had been working at a crystal store for over three years around the time she decided to start Trippie Trinkets. She loves the beautiful crystals, and loved wrapping them for herself and friends over the past summer. Through encouragement from her friends, she eventually opened up her shop on Instagram in November 2020, and expanded to Etsy in the following December. She had been nervous leading up to the launch, as there was no guarantee as to how the public would accept or even appreciate her efforts. With the positive pressure from her peers, she took the jump and has sold over 50 pieces on Etsy alone!

Emma plans on creating a Tik Tok to increase customer engagement, and give a new perspective of the processes that go into her creative jewelry. She is also working on Grateful Dead inspired jewelry, as well as some new handmade clay designs. When asked about future plans for Trippie Trinkets, she says,

“As of right now my jewelry business is certainly a side hustle, but someday when I settle down I’d like to possibly open my own crystal/metaphysical shop and I would feature Trippie Trinkets in store.”

What Does Trippie Trinkets Offer?

Trippie Trinkets sells wire wrapped necklaces, zodiac earrings, herbal bottle necklaces, wire wrapped rings, and other crystal earrings. Each piece of jewelry has its own unique crystal or design! Emma’s designs are inspired by nature, and she recycles a lot of damaged jewelry from the crystal shop she works at. For certain charms, she likes to shop from other small businesses on Etsy. Her pieces range from $7-$10 if you are interested!

Checkout Trippie Trinkets Etsy page for their many dazzling designs!

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