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Student Business Feature: India Green

NaturallyIndy Urban Glow Cosmetics, LLC, Centers Around Black Beauty & Positivity

Meet India Green, the entrepreneur behind NaturallyIndy Urban Glow Cosmetics, LLC. A Temple Alumna of the 2020 class, she grew up in New Jersey before attending Temple University. As a young girl, she was surrounded with family who owned their own businesses, and always felt she wanted to follow in their footsteps. When she’s not working on her business, she loves to read, travel, and practice self-care.

Her Entrepreneurial Journey started from an early age...

In her family, she was exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age — her grandmother ran a local electronics store, and her father was in the music industry. India had always wanted to be her own boss so in 2018 she decided to begin the process. At the time of her startup, she offered 2 products: a turmeric facial mask & an activated charcoal facial mask. 3 years later, NaturallyIndy has grown tremendously to the point of offering over 25 organic products, accessories, and services!

Even though she’s already experienced great success, India continues to chase her ambitions. She envisions her brand’s future as being known as a household product, and featured in many types of media like commercials, TV shows, and movies. India finds that her greatest motivation is:

“Seeing how happy my clients are when doing their skincare routines!

Witnessing that keeps me going. They show me daily that I am needed

and have a job to do despite my hardships."

The Trials & Tribulations of a Startup

India reminisces her startup as being “unexpected”. Up until the start of her business, she ran an Instagram account that showcased her DIY haircare, skincare, and healthy food recipes. While taking a web design course her freshmen year, her class was to design a website for something they’re really passionate about. She focused on her passion for self-care, and describes that project as the start of her business.

Some of the difficulties she experienced at first was time management as a full-time student. She also felt a bit lost when it came to product development, financial restrictions, and being a new business owner in general. In addition, India shares that as a black woman entrepreneur, she’s experienced hardship in acquiring financial support that others have not. However, from the #SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses movement she’s noticed more resources being created and made available. She has also learned a lot about owning a business and time management from her hands-on experience. One especially notable learning experience was her role in chartering a natural hair organization on Temple’s campus, called “Temple University Chapter of Campus Curlz Inc”. As for NaturallyIndy’s near future, she feels with proper resources and a great team, she could be scalable in the next 3 years.

For aspiring business owners, India advises:

“Advocate for yourself! Consumers love a confident business owner.

And never feel bad to ask for help”.

CEO, India Green

Visit or @naturallyindyugc on

Instagram to view products or to contact India Green

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