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March 17, 2021: BYOBB Peer Mentoring!

On March 17, 2021, the ESA hosted a Be Your Own Boss Bowl (BYOBB) peer mentoring session to provide positive and negative feedback to the entrants, ask questions to inspire these entrepreneurs, and network. I have to say this interactive meeting was extremely fun and inspiring.

We kicked off the annual peer mentoring session by hearing words of encouragement from competition director, Greg Fegley. Greg was excited to see many of our familiar faces and offered his knowledge and support in the business ventures we discussed. Greg is available for comments, questions, and concerns about the BYOBB through email ( Questions can also be sent to

We heard from so many smart and talented individuals today it is no wonder we had to continue our discussions past our allotted time. For the sake of privacy and protection of each person's idea, I will only provide names and contact information.

Our first speaker was Nelly Tacheva, the founder and CEO of Simply Flows at Following Nelly, Tyree Williams shared a creative mobile venue idea. Next, Toney Lopes shared information on his podcasting business venture and can be contacted through Joe Maiellano at shared an innovative solution for children getting car sick. Last but certainly not least, co-founders Emily Madara and Caroline O’Keefe presented their new business venture, Sun and Star Collective. More information can be found at

The BYOBB deadline for submission is today, Wednesday, March 24th.

Get innovative entrepreneurs!

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