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How “Only Elite Matters” & “Philly Create” Foster Creativity Throughout Philadelphia

Joshua Ortiz (pictured below) is a creative & entrepreneur from Allentown, PA. He is also a 2018 Temple Alumni, graduating with a Strategic Communications degree from the Klein School of Media and Communication. He is the co-founder of Only Elite Matters and Philly Create. . . .

What are Only Elite Matters & Philly Create

OEM & Philly Create build off of each other. As an overarching company, Only Elite Matters was created to show case the team’s creative vision. OEM offers videography and photography content packages for clients they take on. Their motto is,

“We tell visual stories through the lens of art, business, and culture.”

And that’s what they truly do. Some of their client work has been for skin care companies, rappers & singers, authors, and other freelance creatives/businesses such as Black Park Skin Care, Philly Fashion Week, Jeantrix Fashion, and Benchworks Agency, to name a few.

Philly Create is their organization which seeks to create safe, collaborative space for Creatives in Philadelphia, PA. The team hopes through these experiences that participants will network and produce compelling visual art together. Their first event was in July of 2018 and since then they have put on more than 10 other events with distinctive themes, like mental health, or showcasing women and their work around the city.

A sample of their work.

Finding Inspiration as a Creative

Growing up in Allentown, PA, Josh was able to experience a community where living out your life in the same area was a status quo. He decided early on that he wanted a different path in life, which he describes as being one of his driving forces for attending Temple University and also for the creation of OEM & Philly Create.

However, being motivated isn’t always enough to keep producing innovative content. When Josh is feeling stuck, he likes to journal. He says,

“I use journaling as my outlet for release, but also to identify the things that are keeping me in a certain situation”

In the past year he’s also taken up the habit of going for runs, which he feels gives him lots of time to think. As many runners experience, he gets into the “zone” where his body moves autonomously, and his mind is free to explore and his imagination to run wild.

Checkout Only Elite Matters’ website: & to see some of their breathtaking work!

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