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February 24, 2021 Meeting: Marketing Yourself as a Freelancer!

This week, the ESA members had the opportunity to interview Melissa Alam and Mandee Hammerstein. Our topic this week was marketing yourself as a freelancer, and we went into depth as to how each of these marketing freelancers got to where they are today.

Melissa Alam currently runs a web designing and building agency where she helps small business and entrepreneurs in creating unique and personal website designs. She began to explore marketing because a regular 9-5 was unappealing to her, and she knew she could do more with her career. She gave good insight as what it means to be a marketer, and the struggles and benefits of that.

Next we talked to Mandee Hammerstein. She is Lead Director of Media & Public Relations at MK Hammerstein Creative. She overlooks managing projects, brand over site, and public relations for a famous chef. The chef is looking to open a restaurant, and her role is to ensure that they stay conciseness of the community and how the surrounding area. She helps find audiences and target markets for her clients.

Both ladies did a fantastic job at explaining their careers and what marketing means to them. To hear more in depth about Melissa and Mandee's experiences, check out our video for this week!

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