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Coffee & Ideas: February 10, 2021 Meeting Recap

In this past meeting, we held Coffee and Ideas over zoom. The premise is for people to share their business ideas, no matter how far in the process they are. We began by having the opportunity to talk to Eric Yu. He has been working on a laptop prototype which doubles as a wireless phone charger, called Koi.

Next we were able to talk to Emily Madara. She was in the process of creating the Duo Case. Her case is made for those who need to carry multiple glasses, such as prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. It would be made out of a water resistant, sustainable, ethically made with sturdy material; it would have 2 openings to the case for each pair of glasses.

Our next speaker was Marissa Robins who told us about her start up jewelry company that she had started in high school. At the time, she began making necklaces which she sold in school. The business eventually expanded to other high schools in her area, and then became available online all over the US. Marissa used Instagram as her main marketing platform where she sold and promoted her jewelry to a wider audience.

Next, Promyce Miller told us about her idea for an app. It’s an app to promote friendship for college aged students. In many cases many events going on such as welcome week still had students feeling alone. This app would allow people to create friends and expand one's circle.

Chris Jackson, currently working on his own clothing brand, commutes between Philadelphia and New York to work with a manufacturer sourcing fabrics. He is creating a brand selling perfect fit knit beanies, sweatpants, and crewnecks; all of the best and highest quality. He personally sews, and would like to sew for his individual clients. His brand is based on the little things, and enjoying what you are wearing.

Lastly we talked to Kevin Lin, who buys retail sneakers at retail price and resells them at a high price. He would one day like to have a retail store where he could sell his sneakers and run restocks.

ESA members had the opportunity to hear, ask, and provide input and criticism about these ideas. Coffee and Ideas was a great opportunity for students to sell their ideas and gain informative feedback as well as words of encouragement from their peers.

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